Be an example: Lost and Found

Luke 15:24: for this son of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.’ So they began to celebrate.

Lord, thank you for this passion you have planted in my heart to write about your Holy Word. Thank you for the storms that passed in my life. It was then that I was able to feel your presence first hand. My words are not only through scripture but through experience. I am thankful that I am no longer blind to your love. Your love for me is as clear is day.

I love this parable to pieces. It’s pretty much about a younger brother who decided to take his inheritance early and splurge on sinful desires. He spent all of his inheritance and was left with no money. Then he got so hungry he wanted to eat what the pigs were eating. The younger brother then realized that he messed up. He realized he was wrong and needed to go back to daddy’s house and ask for forgiveness. He also needed daddy to let him come back home. Immediately daddy received his son and celebrated.

My oh so favorite part of this parable is the bad attitude the older brother seemed to have when his younger brother came home. Okay it’s understandable; the older brother didn’t sin against his father. He never asked for his inheritance early and he never took it upon himself to live a sinful life like his younger brother did. The older brother seemed to be the good, responsible dude in the house, but why was he so nasty about the celebration of his own little brother coming home?

There are so many “older brothers” in today’s church. We watch our younger brother’s sin carelessly and we simply can care less. We watch our younger brothers destroy themselves and scoff within waiting for the day of their destruction. We say “maybe they’ll learn their lesson” . SHAME ON US!

As you can see in this parable, daddy RAN to his younger son! His son didn’t run to his dad, he didn’t have to. Why?

When we mess up, God wants nothing more than for us to tell Him our sin so that we can be forgiven. The problem here is that there are way too many “older brothers” that make sinners feel like we don’t deserve Daddy’s love. We are sinners correct? Why would Daddy want to forgive me if my older brother is so much better than I am? Look at my older brother laughing at me making fun of me; imagine how hysterical I may look to Daddy. My older brother doesn’t even acknowledge that I’m home and that I’m sorry, imagine my own Daddy.

Leaders, please understand that you have little eyes looking up to you. There are people who have no idea how to live a Christian life and look up to you as an example. Leaders, please understand that everyone is a sinner. It took you time to develop to become a leader and it will take time for our new believers as well. We need to be loving, compassionate, and understanding. We need to respect them and keep private what they choose to disclose to us. We need to be open and transparent. We need to be an example of how The Lord will treat us when we approach Him with our sin.

We are making big mistakes as leaders. We are pushing our little brothers away instead of reeling them in. Let’s be like Daddy and receive everyone with open arms no matter the size of the sin. When our sheep run away and choose to come back, let’s hug them and say,

“Let’s have a feast and celebrate. For this brother of mine was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found.”

-IG @authkg


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