Day to day: Grace applied

My mind goes all over the place everyday. It makes me so sleepy. Let’s not forget that I barely sleep at night because my son sleeps in bed with me. If not, he cries nonstop. My daughter is great, she sleeps all night. You know what she’s good at? Asking for juice when I finally sit my behind down after running around the house. My husband? Praise God for him. If it wasn’t for him, idk where I would be.

People may think that I got it going on. I have an amazing job as an account coordinator for a hospital that makes 4 million dollars a year. I have a musician/mechanic/chef/repairman as a husband. I have 2 beautiful babies, a car, a place to live and 2 ministries. My husbands and mine. The list goes on BUT under each responsibility, there are bullet points.

Wake up
Feed baby
Get both kids bathed and dressed
Take kids upstairs to grandma
Drive to work 1 hr. (My time for worship)
Work 8-4:30 (listen to 10 sermons)
Drive home 1.5 hours. (Talk to my mommy)
Get home (husband cooked? Yas!)
Pick up mess
Think of more things I have to do and not do it
Feed baby
Maybe sleep

There is a lot of in betweens. Sometimes I’m working on a children’s service. Sometimes I’m blogging during my luck hour. Sometimes I go to the gym. Sometimes my husband and I are rushing out to go to a church my husband was invited to play in.

We forget:
To wash clothes
To file our bills
To take out meat to defrost
To buy baby formula
Did Nate eat?
Did Daisy eat?
Did we eat?
We forgot Nate’s bib!
I forgot my wallet!
Where are my keys?
Oh snap we need gas!
Did you transfer money here?
Did you pay this bill yet?
Call my phone I lost it.

Honestly, it is hectic. But because I do it with my husband, I love it.

We help each other so much. Actually, my husband probably helps me more

Works overnight
Comes home to take Daisy to school
Probably sleeps
Maybe gym
Wake up to pick Daisy up from school
Come home and cook
Probably nap
Run errands
Then I get home

My point. There is no way we are able to do this without God. There is no way we can do this without each other. There is no way.
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With that being said, I want to thank my husband for all that he does for our family. He is the man!


One thought on “Day to day: Grace applied

  1. Anytime love it’s why God placed us together because he knew that we would be able to handle anything that came or comes are way!


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