Do I practice what I preach?

So, someone asked me:

“KC, do you listen to what you write? Like that instagram post, how not to go back to your past. Not to ‘run through it’ so you say”

I know he asked because I am super guilty of it. I can admit, it creeps up on me at times. Here was my answer:

“The reason why I write is because the topic speaks to me first. I can’t preach about something that I don’t know of first hand. I can’t tell you the solution to a problem if I didn’t got through it personally.”

What’s the use of my blog if I can’t prove God’s almighty power to have worked in my personal life. I’m not trying to act as if I got it all together, please I’m far from it. I’m just trying to warn others of the hazards that I’ve fumbled over in this obstical course called life. Is it right to watch someone fall into a trap that I fell into? Hmm, we all know that the right thing to do is to shoutout warnings, put up hazard signs and reveal those sneaky pitfalls. If I don’t warn you, your blood will be over my head.

I didn’t go through the fire and survive to keep it all to myself. I didn’t witness glory to hold it in my heart for life. I sure didn’t gain a victory to celebrate at home by myself nuh uhhhh.  Imma go all out. Imma disclose. Imma warn. Imma reveal traps. Imma be me. Authentic. And if you keep misinterpreting the word, grab a dictionary my friend.  It doesn’t mean perfect, it means real.

Do I practice what I preach?

The answer to my own question is;
-I try

But I tell you some realness; if I fail, I do my best to fix it.

If I preached it, it’s because I failed first.
If I preached it and then failed, it’s because I’m working on it.

Oh but I tell you, my mistakes will not stop me from preaching God’s truth. If the significance of a sermon was based on the performance of the preacher, NO Person would ever capture the almighty power of scripture.

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