How do you know it’s from God?

It’s super important to read the bible. We all need answers to our many life questions without going over what scripture says about it. I’m going to go over a few scenarios to demonstrate what I’m trying to prove here.

Is this apartment for me God? It has parking and heat/hot water is included! It’s in a furnished basement which will make it easy to bring in groceries. Its not a registered apartment so there is no lease so that’s a plus.

The Lord tells us to make sure our dealings are legal and honest. Is the apartment from God? I don’t know? All I know is that an unregistered apartment is breaking some type of law. God will always bless our silly choices somehow but maybe, if we waited, there would be something better.

God, this job looks pretty amazing. 65k a year, 401k, medical benefits and incentives. Lord, this has to be for me. All I have to do is process some paperwork, go to the bank and answer phone calls and tell the callers that my boss isn’t here. I’m going to take it.

Is it from God? So you tell the callers the boss isn’t there? Now, what if he is always there and now you find yourself lying everyday.  Like I said, God May bless us, but would it be the best blessing? Imagine if we rejected such an appealing job for our spiritual sake. I’m sure God will give us a better job that pays more.

I love this man. He is charming and cute. He has a car, a great job and has it all together. He says he loves me and is always there when I need him. He’s a man of God and helps me spiritually when I’m down. We hang out all the time but we have to keep it on the low. He’s in the process of getting a divorce and I don’t want us  to effect the judges decision in regards to his kids. Is he from God? Is this my soul mate?

Um, no

Marriage is an eternal bond forever and always. You can fight for a married man and plan a future with him but you’ll find yourself building your foundation on sand. The house may stand during those beautiful, sunny days oh but when that storm comes, you guys WILL drown. To amend to the whole eternal bond thing, the majority of divorced men wish their relationship worked out with their first wife and regret the divorce. Not all not all. Don’t go crazy. Just look out for a faithfully praying ex wife. Then you got a problem.

Reading the bible helps us understand God’s character to determine what is for us and what is not. If God said no to one thing in the bible, that no still applies to us today. God is the same yesterday, today and forever. He’s not a man that lies so when he says something, He means it. Quit playing ignorant and reach out for what’s best for you, even if it means you have to drop something.

Hope this helped


Help me pray that this month my family and I finally move out this basement. This unregistered basement. 😉  hehe


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