Deception: Who are we fooling?


Lying is one thing, but lying about your character, true opinions, past and everyday living to LOOK pleasing to those who are watching you is another thing.

And, once upon a time there was this family that knew about each others sin so they kept theirs a secret while they threw other members under the legalistic bus of condemnation.

or, once upon a time, you were saved from an ugly sin by the Grace of God and in turn, you apply zero Grace on someone else that committed the same sin you did like if you’ve never sinned at all.

Who are we kidding as Christians? What are we doing? We claim that the death on the Cross was the ultimate sacrifice and we recite the passage where Jesus said, “It is finish.” and finally we undo what Jesus died for- our sins.

Look at what we have done as Christians. We’ve pushed away our youth because we act as though we can’t compare to their struggle. We turn our backs on the souls who messed up horribly and leave them for dead. AND THEN, we go along our merrily way “serving the Lord” with our devotion to our place of worship and “almighty pastor” forgetting that our job is to seek that lost sheep. Haha, we go and set up special services with matching t-shirts and coordinate best musicians and organize praise dances and……..refuse to forgive our adversaries?

We are missing the point

Who are we fooling? It May be me, your pastor, perhaps your spouse.

But GOD examines our hearts and we can never fool Him.

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