My bad attitude and God’s glory

Today, someone described me as being a nasty person. In other words, I’m a ticking time bomb, I speak before thinking and I’m short tempered.  I didn’t know it was bad until more than one person approached me about it. Yesterday, I read a devotional about this warrior named Gideon. Then, I listened to a sermon on this man of faith named Gideon. As if that wasn’t enough, while in bible class, one of our youth was being annoying asking why hotels always have bibles in each room. This kid was being so random with his questions that the teacher didn’t pay mind to him so I looked it up for my own interest. Again, GIDEON was mentioned.

I didn’t know about Gideon until yesterday and I know from experience that when I see something 3 times consecutively, God is trying to tell me something. Last night, I studied as much as I can about Gideon in the book of Judges (my least favorite book in the bible). I learned that God used the least of a family with the least skilled soldiers and used a man that was kind of a scardy cat and placed him as a leader of that army. To top it all off, this army of 300 seized a whole bunch of Midianites.  Supposedly the Midianites had so many camels that it was like counting sand. At the end, God won.

Well, what does that have to do with me? If someone tries to insult or intimidate me or anyone else, I lash out. I immediately put them in their place and make them feel insulted or intimidated. I just feel the need to knock down anyone who tries to be superior. Apparently, I do it with such a nasty attitude that no one attempts to correct me.

Gideon’s army won because God fought that battle. God took a small percentage of Gideon’s original army and seized an army with countless soldiers. God  organized everything in such a way that in the end, we can’t give the glory to anyone else but HIM.

Now, if I stop fighting my battles against people with my mouth and use less of my army (called my mouth), God will win and in the end, no one can take the glory of my victories except for HIM. I’m also a scardy cat like Gideon. I’m scared that if I let my guard down and let God take my battles, people are going to walk all over me like before. I truly underestimate my husband sometimes. When I told him about this whole shebang, he assured me that no one will ever step on me because GOD wont let it happen this time.

My bad attitude wont give God the glory that He deserves


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2 thoughts on “My bad attitude and God’s glory

  1. Oh yeah. It’s really hard to keep your mouth shut isn’t it? It is for me! I recently learned that it’s best to fight back with prayer! I never really looked into Gideon, but thanks to you I will read about it tonight! Thanks for this!

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