It’s a TRAP! – The Christian life

So today on my 2 hour long commute, I was doing a self-analysis. It went something like:

“God, why does my mind wander? Why does my mind think of such sinful things yet my heart doesn’t want to go anywhere near it. This is a TRAP Lord. I’m always going to fail weather I want to or not. I can’t control my mind. I can only repent after sin nature kicks in. Oh but You tell us about Grace. Grace Grace Grace. Lord, I just don’t want to sin. Not even in my head. I love You. I want you to be happy with me. ”

How many times do we forget that God understands? Why can’t we capture the meaning of Grace in these circumstances? Alert to self! This doubt that I’m inputting here, is sin too.

We can’t avoid it. Ever. There is nothing that we as believers can do to make it right with our own works, deeds and actions. 

My circumstance is just a reminder:
We are made clean through Jesus and we have to remember this ALL THE TIME. As soon as we begin to beat ourselves up over something that God knows we have no control over, we advertise a meaningless cross.

The TRAP was set by the enemy. May he be rebuked in the name of Jesus.


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