One name to proclaim

🎶When I wake up in the land of glory.
With the saints I will tell my story,
There would be one Name that I proclaim!🎶

I heard this song one day and I questioned myself. “What story will I choose to tell the saints when I go to heaven?”

I have many. I’ll share one

I remember when I asked God over and over how he felt about me. I had so many people against me that I even believed all the bad things they thought about me were true.

“If they feel so strongly about it, that’s what I must be”

A kid stopped me in the street to tell me that I was a good person. “KC, you’re a GOOD person.” I cried. I felt it was directly from God.

Then I went to camp that summer, I went through a prayer line and someone pulled me out of it to minister to me seperatly. She said

“God says you are a GREAT person”

Man, that made my day!  I knew God was talking to me. He heard my prayers and knew my doubts and answered me.  Better than the last huh?

One day in was scrolling on instagram feeling so down about myself. Then I stopped at a post that was a screen shot of the Wikipedia definition of EXCELLENT.

WHY was this for me? Well, at my desk, I printed out the Wikipedia definition of GOOD and GREAT to remind myself of why God thinks of me. To see EXCELLENTs Wikipedia’s definition on IG made cry. I know God was just going to keep talking to me.

I wondered, what is better than EXCELLENT? Perfect? I’m not perfect.

unusually good; outstanding.
“a pepper offering exceptional flavor and juiciness”
synonyms:outstandingextraordinary,remarkablespecialexcellent,phenomenalprodigious; More

I have so much faith in the Lord today because of how He’s answered alllllll of my prayers.

In heaven, when I tell this story, God’s name with be written in the paper copy.

His name will be the name that I will always proclaim.

PS, I’m a juicy pepper


I’m a juicy pepper.

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