Sleepy Time Prayer: Insecurities

Lord, I pray for those who are insecure. In this world, there are many reasons to feel insecure but through Your mighty love there is understanding in this: You made us so that we can praise You with the character You have given us. You made us with fear and wonderfully configured DNA to your liking.

I pray that all insecurities that sprout from physical appearances gets filed under G for garbage. I pray that we learn to embrace our appearances and thank You for making us unique.

I pray that we don’t attempt to mimic the looks, talent and character of another but find our own US in YOU. Lord, allow US to figure out what it is you want us to do.

I pray that we quit comparing ourselves to the people who’s lives seem appealing. I pray we remember that everyone has a journey to be where they are and that we each have to go through a journey too.

God, thank You for making us in our own Unique way. #itnojip AMEN!



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