5 Things about KG!

Have you met KG?

1. She had already experienced plenty. Does Plenty shake her ground? No.

2. Her name has already been at the lowest. Does she care if you try to bring it back down there? No.

3. She doesn’t care for the opinions of others, she’s *negative opinion proof* from the blows she got from the past. Does she have anything to prove? No.

4. She can’t be threatened with the old ways of her past. She herself brought them to light. She herself uses it as testimony. So can anyone use it against her? No.

5. She’s bold and fearless. You ask and she’ll tell it. She’s been at the worst, lost it all once and is more than prepared for what lies ahead. What can you do to her that has not already been done? Nothing. So take caution.  Take extra extra caution.

The God who brought her to it, took her out of it. She remembers Him in her days of trouble. She can’t be moved because He is with her. She carried her cross while others cut theirs to bare.

Careful now, make sure your stones are not boomerangs. 


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