Affliction and YOU: We have work to do

Everyone can find themselves very sensitive to one specific type of affliction.  Is it love and heart break? Abuse? Loss? What makes you weak and emotional when this sensitive area in your life is mentioned? How do you feel when the same delicate area in your life is afflicting someone else.

Me? I get very very emotional. I get upset, sad, sorry and irritated all at the same time but I know that I have work to do with it.

Are we supposed to keep it in a bottle and bury it forever because its too much for us to handle? When someone needs our help, do we pretend we cant relate and walk away?

God allowed us to be afflicted so that we can rise from it, give God Glory & testify. We must learn how to take pain and convert it into medicine to heal other wounds. How can we hide the testimony of God’s healing?

What a waste! A deliverance without testifying is a huge waste of affliction.

I always say, I didn’t go through what I went through to keep it to myself, NO NO! I was healed, rebuilt, and restored (like JMoss said) and I’m going to heal, rebuild and restore others. That’s our J.O.B


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