A Filtered You

There are days when I look in the mirror and I say “Hey, we look alive today. Pretty good KG! let’s take a selfie.”

Then I take a picture and I don’t look like what I saw in the mirror.

Is it the lighting? Maybe I positioned the camera the wrong way. Should I use a filter?

Immediately I realized something so cool. When we look at ourselves in the mirror, we see our own beauty through genuine eyes. Our minds are not comparing our looks to another person or picture. We simply see a better looking person than what we saw yesterday and we embrace it.

Once we capture our image through a camera, we are capturing it in another perspective. As we try to submit this image on social media, we swiftly compare it to mental images of other cuter, filtered faces.

We are bound by the invisible filters of this world. We start off with a pure opinion of our own image, filter it with the perspective of an emotionless  device, filter it again with the shallow opinions of this world to find our initial opinion in the trash.

God gave us our own eyes and our own perspective to see things differently. We are supposed to be unique, not only in looks and personality but in perception.

Stick to being, thinking, feeling and seeing  like YOU.


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