Petty Jealousy

My co-worker named R123 upset me so much the other day. When the company gave him a promotion, I promise that at that point I didn’t hate at all. His new position required him to travel and I refuse to travel anywhere but to the bathroom. Well, as he progresses in his new position, he started to become a know-it-all forgetting that I have been working for this company before him. I asked a simple question and there he went, blah blah-ing away!

Me: “Yo! I asked a yes or no question, I didn’t ask for all of that!” (include Puerto Rican infliction and rolling of the eyes)

R123: “but, blah blah blah, calculations, technology, computers, Saturn, Jupiter, poop, and then you have to bla blah with the technical blah and the answer is nothing because it’s a case by case issue”

Me: “alright dang, that still don’t answer my question. I’m done forget it. I should have ever asked anything.”

So I ignored him. I started to wonder why I was mad at him. I mean, the situation was annoying but he’s always a know-it-all. It never bothered me like that before.

I think my jealousy came from the fact that he now has the right to have authority over me in some computer/techy area. I didn’t like that. I could have been jealous because I’m naturally bossy and now he gets to be the boss.

I made sure he knew I was mad but the problem is that he is a believer of our Lord Jesus Christ. I couldn’t keep it like that forever. NOW I HAVE TO APOLOGIZE> here we go! (I mean, we should always apologize believer in Jesus or not but I’d be super convicted if I didn’t)

R123 sent me a text: “I apologize if you got upset with me. I’m just trying to help you out. I don’t want you to think I’m a know it all type of person and that I’m never wrong.

Me: “ I hate you right now. Possibly for the next 15 minutes. THAT’S your punishment. Deal with it.”

R123: “15 minutes is up”

I had to smile and forgive R123. I honestly don’t think that all of this would have been worth losing him as a friend.

Honestly, I’ve lost plenty of friends because of petty jealousy. It wasn’t because I was jealous of them this time. They were jealous towards me. Jealously is such an offensive word to some but it’s a real issue!!!! It can be jealousy of possession, talent, success, life, earrings, cellphone case, oxygen. PETTY PETTY PETTY!

“Rather than cheer them on, or learn from them, rather than imitate them or follow them and grow to be more like them, we have a tendency in our petty jealousy to get angry with them.” –Frontline Church

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