Opinions: 2+2=4

It’s been a while

You know, when I was in school, I never liked English.  My thing was math. Give me some equations and some formulas and I was happy. I like math because 2+2 is always  4. You can’t have an opinion about it, you can’t invent an idea as to why 2+2 should not equal 4. It is what it is and nothing can change that no matter how hard you try.

I don’t like English. Everything is based on opinion. “oh your writing is a bit grammar school-ish don’t you think?”u

Me: Um, no ma’am. That’s my gangster talk in blog form. Who are you to determine my awesomeness?

I went to school to become a chef. Again, it’s all based on opinion. “we don’t use Sazon here!”

Me: Excuse me sir? I mean, Chef?


Everyone has their own opinion and interpretation. Who do we believe? Who is right? Who is wrong?

That’s why, my friend, we need to read the bible and let the Holy Spirit minister to our lives. He knows the truth! If we keep basing our faith by what someone said or based on their opinion, we are hashtag Lost.com. Straight up.  (gangsta talk) wink.

2+2 can = fish though


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