Isn’t God amazing?

His word reveals itself to be real and every single day He proves Himself to be faithful. He Himself illuminates His true essence in the very small areas of my life. I find it ironic yet overwhelming that His whispers speak volumes.

I love how God uses the flaws in my life to show me the abundance of His grace. My sins are so deep that I limit Gods power to reveal them with His glorious light. I say to myself

“God can’t reach that depth” but He says

“KG, my grace traveled faster and sank deeper to capture your sin, I caught it with my hand before you ever thought about it.”

Sin KG? You sin?

Hate. Pride. Selfishness. That’s me and That’s sin.

But it is Gods LOVE that makes me sin no more. I think about how quickly God forgives me and how badly I don’t deserve it.

You love me despite of me. You love me despite my sin.

Perhaps in heaven, there are words to better describe How I feel. While I still live here on earth I choose the word gratitude.

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