I saw my daughters first attempt at writing her name on the preschool board.

It was wrong
She got 3.5 out of 5 letters correct.

It was crooked.
It slanted downward as she reached the end.

It looked like she was behind in class.
Some other kids wrote theirs correctly.

She was so close!
But it was…

As her mommy, her writing was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.
I wanted to cry because I was so proud.
I wanted to post it everywhere so that the world can see how beautiful Daisy wrote her name.

It was full of errors and mistakes and I loved it more than anything in this world! She tried her best and to me, her best made it perfect!

Even if some of her classmates did better, hers was still perfect. As I admired my daughters work, no one else’s handwriting mattered.



A person like me, full of errors and mistakes yet You love me more than anything in this world. I try my best and to You, my best makes me perfect. Perfect because of You.

Even if there are people who are better than me, You still see me as perfect. Your opinion of me is not based on the works of others. Zero comparison.

Righteous in Your eyes. Thank you for the blood.

And You say You love us more than a mother loves her child. How could I ever be dismayed?

Your love is so deep that
I found Your love through handwriting.


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