A Dream about my Enemy

Last night I had a dream about a girl that I’m not very warmhearted towards. We’ve had many emotional difficulties internally and externally. Our complications continued to dwell over time which turned into unspoken mind battles within ourselves. Well, the dream was definitely an eye opener on how I should treat an enemy.

The Dream:

I watched this girl being emotionally abused by her family. They constantly made her feel inferior. They kept bossing her around and she had no choice but to listen. I felt her heart ache. I saw her cry alone and no one helped her. It looked like no one helped her because everyone assumed that she had a loving family that should always support her but that was far from the truth. I stepped in and took her out of the situation. I told her that I was going to make sure that she never felt that way again. I told her that I was going to value her opinion and treat her like an adult, not like a child.

Unfortunately, in the dream, she went back to her family. I saw her in a dark room laying on a bed emotionally numb. She felt like she had no choice but to stay in that bad situation. A situation where her life was based on pleasing her family. She couldn’t do anything SHE wanted to do afraid that her family would judge her. I laid next to her trying my best to just be there as a friend. She didn’t want to leave the situation but I just wanted her to know that she was not alone and I wasn’t going to ever let her feel that way.

Now, how would I ever dream so beautifully about an enemy? How is it possible for someone to love their real life enemy in a dream? I can only accept the fact that it was God who  gave me that dream and for that same love to remain when I woke up. But why?

I forgot to mention how the girl told me how self conscious she was about her body. Mind you, she is a very slim girl. I told her,

“Would you like me to show you my streach marks and left over baby fat from my pregnancy to make you feel better?”

I just wanted to do whatever it took to make her happy. An enemy? God you Cray!

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