Baby boogers

When my 9 month old son catches a cold, his nose becomes a gold mine. I find boogers the size of dimes, he wakes up with dry boogers near his eyes and when he sneezes, I pray that the boogers dont reach his mouth. 

BUT when it’s time to take them out…. Ohhhh Lord I don’t look forward to it. He kicks and screams and pushes my hand away. He twists his body away from my hand and cries hysterically. I feel so bad but mommy has to make the baby feel better. 

He doesn’t understand when I say:

“Sit still, you’ll breathe better I promise.” Or

“Let me just get that boogie Nate, when I take it out, you can eat your food better.”

He doesn’t understand that mommy knows best. He probably hates me when I reach for the bulb syringe but mommy needs to get the boogies no matter if he hates me or not. 

Oh but when the boogies are out, he can breathe, he can eat and his noes feels better from all the mess because mommy knows best. (I mention eating because babies can’t suckle if their nose is clogged).

Don’t we sometimes forget that God knows best? Like those days where everything is falling apart and your being pressed all over and your ground is shaking and the weight of the world is striking you? 

Then God repeats over and over 

“I know what’s best for you. You just have to struggle for a while so that you can become stronger and wiser. It’s going to bother you a little bit but I promise you that when we are done, you will be better, worship better, pray better and breeeeeeathe better because Daddy knows best!”

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