They’re not getting the point!

I had a conversation with a friend who is not saved in Christ Jesus but definitely believes in Him. 

She spoke about her experiences at a Pentecostal church and how there was a lady who focused so much on nonsense. 

“Noah’s ark has been located and on it they found baby Jesus’ blanket” 

My friend told me how they tried really hard to convince her that these findings are super true and accurate. The lady put so much passion and emphasis into this ark thing that my friend questioned every single bit of her beliefs. 

I would question it too like, “the flood and baby Jesus are two totally different time frames dear, here is a bible and read it within context por favor”

There are some “Christians” who are not placing their passion on what matters most and are not teaching what NEEDS to be taught. SALVATION! The death on the Cross! God’s love for us. Grace, mercey, forgiveness. Let’s get deeper: righteousness, justification, vindication, being made perfect in front of a living God by the blood shed on Calvary.  Kahhh monnnnn. 

Dear “Christians” ,

When you do it all wrong and miss the point, you push people away from Christ instead of bringing them in. Who’s side are you on? 

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