Psalms 37 for lunch

Lord, I love reading your word. It’s so refreshing! Your truth just makes me feel whole!

Reading this chapter put me at ease when it comes to my frustration with evil people that prosper.

There are wicked people who cause so much damage yet I see them prosper like never before. To top it all off, I see them prosper on a spiritual level. Lord, I don’t know what’s behind their daily curtain but I have to admit that you dealt softly with my enemies.

Like what Psams 37:7 says, don’t fret about evil people that prosper.

Teach me not to fret Lord because I want justice so bad! As I think about it, what does all this say about me?

The simple fact that I ask God to strike down on those who did evil to me reveals that I have an evil heart. I know how it is to reap the full consequences of sin and I really shouldn’t wish that upon anyone else.

The wicked will soon get what they deserve. I need to pray for them like Abraham prayed for the “godly people” at Soddom and Gomorrah.

Lord, have mercy. Mercy over mercy over mercy. Your wrath is worse than death and me wishing that upon a human being is like murder!

Test my heart. Reveal my flaws. Help me pray Lord. Amen

This was about wicked people in general, no one specific.

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