The firm Conviction in Jesus

I was listening to a podcast from Dr. J. Vernon McGee and I had to take down this portion of his message in regards to the fear of death. As humans, we all fear the last day of our lives. When I heard this story, I was able to see the perspective of someone who knew that he was about to die. That’s not a common perspective to learn about so I absorbed every piece of it. This is a beautiful example of a true believer in Christ and this is where I want my mind to be on that day.

There was yonder, during WWII in Holland, a Dutch boy, 22 years old, captured with 2 other companions as he was attempting to escape England and join the Dutch army there. The Germans condemned him to go before the firing squad. Just a few hours before he went before the firing squad, he sat down and wrote his dad a letter. Here is what he said.


Difficult for me, dear father, to write this letter to you, but I have to tell you that the military court has pronounced a very heavy sentence upon us. Read this letter alone and then tell mother carefully. In a little while at 5 oclock, it’s going to happen. That’s not so terrible, I do not fear. I have the firm conviction that I may look forward to a death in Christ. It is after all only one moment, then I shall be with God. No more terrible miseries in the sadness of this earth. Is that such a terrible transition?


I know I shall see you all again.


What is your hope today?

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