Prayer of Realignment

I always find myself going off course in my spiritually life. Sometimes it’s something petty that turns me off. I wish it weren’t so easy to loose that positive connection so quickly but unfortunately, that’s life.

It always happens when I read scripture, that the living word of God puts me back on track. It realigns me to God’s ultimate purpose in my life. The Word realigns my thoughts, emotions and prayers.

When Jesus was at the garden of Gethsemane, He too had to be aligned with God’s plan. He asked God to “take this cup from Me”. The cup of the cross. Then prays: “… yet not my will, but yours be done.”. There was the realignment.

I’m glad this portion of scripture relates so much to me. In this passage, I feel like Jesus was at His weakest moment, just as I have been in my own weak moments. My heart breaks from the pain from my past, the spiteful things people say and do brings me quickly to sorrow. There are times where I just want to help and give my heart to the needy and sometimes I’m rejected. My pains are different than many but they are real.

My life has purpose, I have goals to reach and the enemy knows this. I will be attacked left and right but God holds my hand through and through. When I read and pray, I only hope to be realigned with Gods purpose in my life because I need to focus on just that. Not the things I cannot change. Just that…Jesus.

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