Victory Screech!!!

I’ve been working at my job for almost 4 years which means that I have more than 17,000 emails in my inbox alone. I can search a word and all the emails pop up from up to 4 years ago.

My crazy storm was between Feb 2013 to September 2013 and I pretty much emailed a good friend everyday about everything that I was going through at that time. So today, I decided to go back and read those emails. I am so happy that as I was reading, none of it made me feel the pain I felt. Currently, I feel beyond victorious.

Victorious because of how God picked me up and placed my feet on higher ground. Everything I lost, God restored it. “He restored it 100 fold, I was tried in the fire but I came out as GOLD”. The enemy didn’t win whatsoever. God used my situation to demonstrate how much He loved me and how He was on MY side the entire time.  I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my storm. If it wasn’t for the people who lied to me, spoke badly about me, stole from me, hated me, mistreated me, abandoned me, betrayed me and looked down on me, I wouldn’t be so victorious today.

So hear this, enemy, what you thought was going to kill me, made me a WHOLE lot stronger. It made me wiser and smarter. It made me feel loved and brought me extremely closer to Jehovah GOD! You tried to hurt me and I can admit, it did hurt, but you can’t take the joy I feel today! I’ve come so far in life that I would never trade my storm for a moment of peace.

You gave me a wonderful renewed Husband, a second child, a beautiful apartment, promotions, wisdom & knowledge in scripture, 3 leadership positions in church, I’m closer to my extended family, healing, awesome genuine friends that love me without conditions, I attend a beautiful church with wonderful, non-judgmental Pastors, I’ve organized events, started this blog, learned how to draw, relationships have been restored, talented daughter, my father is back in my life, I can go ON and ON!

My life is beyond restored. I am grateful for all God has done and all it took was for me to confess my sin to God AND man, disclosed all SECRETS and not pretend that they didn’t exist, humble myself and endure the consequences. I accepted the struggle because I knew I needed God. I sacrificed everything I loved for Him.

Ill never take back my storm, I will never wish to be someone else because I worked so hard to be this person today. I don’t regret anything, I fear nothing and I’m looking forward to greater things. Before anyone tries to act like they know the slightest idea of who I am, sit down, because in all honesty, YOU HAVE NO IDEA.

God is faithful. Toodles.

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