Scripture for Comfort AND Conviction- Pay attention

So, I found this new podcast called “Thru the Bible” with James Vernon McGee. He has a few stations. One is for all his sermons, one is for studies on the Old Testament and one is for the New Testament. He covers about 1-4 chapters per episode and each episode is about 90 minutes. I listen as much as I possibly can to increase my knowledge in regards to scripture and Bible history.

At the end of the day, knowledge means nothing

You can learn the bible back and forth but have you lived it? Can you sit down and say “wow, I went through this.” or “wow, I know exactly why this is written.” Can you say that you had the opportunity to do one or two things that Jesus calls us to do for other people or towards other people? Or does scripture only apply to your personal life? When you read scripture, do you have the tendency to apply it to someone else rather than letting Gods Word hit home first?

I have a long way to go but I can say that scripture did more than just comfort me. Scripture convicted me of the things I needed to stop doing or the things that I needed to humble myself to do. I feared scripture knowing that it was going to call me out and put me in my place. Scripture made me think twice about the choices I was going to make or steps I was going to take. There was a time when I tried avoiding the Word of God because it was going to convict me of something that I just didn’t want to admit.

If scripture is doing this to you, then the Word of God is absolutely working in your life. But, if you are able to manipulate scripture to justify your sinful nature, I suggest that you conduct a self-analysis. Scripture does not hide sin and should not be used in a spiteful manner.

The Word of God judges the thoughts and attitudes of the heart. I know where mine is at. That’s all I need to know nor do I need to emphasizes on the hearts of other people especially since I cant read the heart. Everything I write hits home; the home of MY mind.

I can only write about something that I’ve lived, including this. 

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