Everyone is at 0% on their own

I fell victim to my own standard. I made a standard against myself that I tried to meet everyday.  I can’t. 

There are days that I’m successful but I am so hard on myself when I fail. 

God told me, “Stop trying to be self-sufficient. I will purposely make you fail until you realize that you have to meet My standard, not yours. My standard is easy because I made you complete although you fail. I love you the same, I treat you the same. Nothing changes.   Everyone is at a zero on their own. I made you 100% whole through the cross. There is nothing you can do that can change that. No good thing, no bad thing. 

When you live up to your own standard, you change the way you think about yourself when you don’t meet it. You see how this works? So, would you like to start meeting my standard now? 

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