Sketch of My Godson by AuthKG

 My Godson Joshua is more than 6 months and he has the biggest eyes ever. He doesn’t like to look at me in the face and it’s hard to make him laugh. He laughs with my husband more. He sways back and forth when he sits on my lap and I love it. When he was a newborn like the picture below, his bottom lip was always in his mouth. It was so cute. He is adorable! A newborn face is difficult because there aren’t many significant lines. Not only that, all newborns look alike. 

I had to redo is face twice because I used grid lines. I don’t think using a grid is good for me. I erased the whole thing and started all over. 

The hardest thing for me was getting the shape of his face correctly. At first his cheek wasn’t chunky enough so I had to redo it as well. 

I made his nose too small but I fixed it by extending the nostrils. I noticed that my face proportion was incorrect so I had to draw face lines. 

The shading and lighting was difficult because I don’t have the proper supplies but I love how this came out. It’s def my style! 



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