I asked for love and You showed me the Cross. 

I can only imagine, living in Jerusalem during the crucifixion and watching my savior being crucified on the cross from afar. It didn’t matter where I went or where I stood, I was still able to see it happen. The Romans assured that it was to be done in public for all to see.

After watching the gruesome torment of the crucifixion, I would never look at the cross the same. The cross to me would be a horrific symbol. Looking at a symbol like the cross would bring sadness upon me like never before. I would demand the cross be torn down and burned. “It was on the cross that my savior died. TAKE IT DOWN! It brings me back to that horrific day!”

Who would keep the car that killed your mother? Who would keep the gun that shot your brother? Who would keep anything associated to a loved ones death?

God is perfect and He can do anything and everything. His ways never match mine. God’s magnificence took a terrible piece of His death and turned it into the symbol of Love. The thought of the Cross representing love seemed impossible 2000 years ago but God, YOU turned it into a symbol of LOVE that can only be found in You!

I asked for Your love God, and you showed me the Cross. Nothing is impossible for you! How could I ever doubt you Lord? How?

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