It’s good to learn about new people

I took some time to read some blogs under the tag “Grace” and I enjoyed every post I came across. We need to step out of our realm and take a look at the ideas of other minds out there. I loved reading about people’s struggles, thoughts, doubts and ideas about scripture. It opened up my mind and brings me to realize that there is more to life than what I’m exposed to now.  

People are more honest here on WordPress. You can sense the feelings being poured out on each post with no limits and all masks taken off. That’s what I love to see! 

Today I read about 5 blogs and they all have one thing in common. Courage. They have enough courage to reveal their true thoughts, feelings and doubts to post online for the world to see. It’s the transparency that pulls me in. 

What holds you back? Why do you keep some of your thoughts to yourself? Hey, everyone is a work in progress and life is about having new experiences everyday. As we grow, we learn that everything is worth sharing. We all just need time to get to that point. 

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