Today has been a spiritually tough day. God has been shedding His light over me and revealed a few things in me that doesn’t please Him. 

God reminded me of where I came from. He reminded me of how He found me. He reminded me of where He took me out of. This alone humbled me greatly and ultimately reminded me that I’m am simply unworthy of what I felt was owed to me. 

See, God doesn’t owe me anything. How dare I think that any one of my works or actions filled God’s “favor meter”. God favored me even when I was a rotten sinner. 

My works didn’t make me Holier. He already made me Holy through His death on the cross. 

The standard that I made against myself didn’t make me perfect. His grace is the standard that I already meet. 

My efforts to be good didn’t make me more righteous. Righteousness is embeded to all who believe in the Son. 

My worries and anxieties doesn’t prepare my future. My future is a memory for the Lord. It’s already put together 

So all this work, all this competition, all my efforts, all my worries, all my insecurities, doubts and pride has been a waste of energy and a sign of faithlessness. The victory is won. You God, have already won this war that I choose to battle every single day. What a waste of LIFE. 

Today I choose to look at others better than myself. That’s what you ask in scripture. I choose to always remember where you found me and never forget where my heart was before You found me. Thank you for alerting me of my sins and converting them into Glory.  You will never let me FALL!

“You will never never never never let the righteous fall!”

Psalms 55:22 Cast your cares on the Lord and He will sustain you; He will never let the righteous fall.



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