Sweet Jesus

I’ve been saying “sweet Jesus” every chance I get lately. Please Listen to Sweet Jesus by Jmoss and meditate on the words. 

” I love to praise Your name. I love to lift You up. We bless Your name sweet Jesus!”

I do, I love to praise His name. Just like the song says, “it was You Jesus the redeemer. It was You Jesus the restorer. It was You Jesus the reviver!”

It was Him who took me out of a bad place and moved me to solid ground. He redeemed my soul from the pit of death! He restored all that I’ve lost and gave it back 100x’s more. I see more and more of His blessings every single day over my life! He revived what was in me and added more passion to promote His glory! Lord, You ARE so sweet. 

I can’t pray for God to remove all the heartache in my life. Without the heartache, I can’t witness the King of Kings heal my wounds with His love. Without the stress, I can’t witness the Prince of Peace pour out His Divine Peace that surpasses ALL understanding. Without the pain, I can’t testify to Your awesome Power of healing. It is through affliction that I see more of You! 

There are things that I don’t understand Lord, that You allow to happen in my life. There are trials in my path that I have no control over. But You Lord, are sweet. I can’t wait until that day when I see you face to face! I will hug you. I will cry on Your shoulder. YOU SAVED ME!  

Thank You Lord for allowing me once again to minister a praise dance to Your church. Thank You for the talent and thank You for the passion. I love You Lord and thank You for choosing me. 


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