Someone supernaturally planted a seed in my heart.

Its like a seed made up of honesty, authenticity, discernment, empathy compassion and love buried with some weeds that was already growing since I was born. The weeds of sin; the reason why the supernatural seed didn’t grow.

The seed was planted as a young girl, but I didn’t know how to water it. I didn’t even know it was there.

As I grew older, the weeds overpowered my heart.

The Gardener had full control of my garden. He knew what He was doing. He would whisper “The time has not yet come to water My seed”

Suddenly, The Gardener began to speak to me. I did whatever I could to understand what He was saying and when I sought Him, He began to water the seed.

A Flower began to grow but the weeds would take up all the sustenance and the flower would wilt.

He didn’t pull the weeds though. If He did, the flower would be torn out of the root as well. He’s a smart Man.

Instead, He planted more seeds and more flowers began grow.

With time, the flowers crowded the garden and the weeds were no longer visible although they were still there. 

There were points when I tried to be The Gardener. Instead of planting flowers, I caused them to wither. I don’t have a green thumb. 

There were times when I took credit for maintaining the flowers and how beautifully the flowers bloomed. When they asked how I did it, I had no words because it was The Gardener who did it all. 

I ask The Gardener, “Why are you planting all these beautiful flowers. I can’t take credit for how beautiful they look. I can’t plant them. I can’t water them. What CAN I do with them?”

The Gardener said,

“Give them away.  

And I’ll plant double.”


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