Open your eyes!

The pettiness of the body of Christ troubles me. 

There are poor people living in the streets.

There are single mothers in sorrow raising children alone. 

There are suicidal teenagers who prefer to die because of low self esteem. 

Hungry children. 

People bound to addictions. 

Depressed family members. 

Elderly that are lonely. 

Mourning mothers. 

I can go on. 

Unfortunately the body of Christ is too busy focusing on the brother who offened them years ago. 

The body of Christ is too occupied on protesting the government over decisions made based on sins that are no different than their own. 

Unfortunately, the body of Christ is too distracted stalking the Instagram of a sister praying for the day she announces her downfall for self gratification. 

Open your eyes

Get over the drama

Pay attention to what’s important and make some moves that proclaim the name of Jesus instead of the name of none sense. 

We are supposed to be the salt of the earth. We are supposed to represent love and compassion but all I see is petty drama over things that don’t even matter. It’s annoying. 

Remember, you are accountable for the time you spent over something that demonstrates the opposite of the gospel. 

Are you loving others like God loves you? Perhaps you’re pretending to love idk. 

Just a reminder, love is demonstrated by taking personal concern over the sorrows of others. Love is seeing someone as if you were in that same position. Love is seeing the best, forgiving the worst and giving what we want given to us.

Be honest with yourself…. What are you doing?

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