More and more dreams 

I’m grateful that God speaks to me through dreams. As soon as I wake up from them, I type my dream up on my phone so that when I’m fully awake, I can recall them in prayer. Here is an example of one,

I took her to my room. She said was so sad. She came and gave me a hug so tight. Like she needed my help. Or she couldn’t take it any more. I don’t know! The first of her pages were Spanish class work. Then she had pages with bible studies. It said something about electricity. About how electricity manipulates water. She needed to know what it meant.

Remember, when I record my dreams, I’m half asleep. It doesn’t make much sense but reading this reminds me of the dream in detail.

In the dream, a girl that I knew came into my house because she needed to speak to me. She also needed to hug me. She had a book and she wrote down what she needed to show me. She looked anxious, scared and in a hurry. I mentioned that the first few pages had some Spanish notes and bible studies. Then she showed me a page where she wrote something about water and electricity. It seemed that God told her what she wrote down and she needed to ask me about it. As if I was the only person who would know. 

The next day I looked it up.

Electricity shows up in scripture when God’s judgment is mentioned. 

I read that it is the impurities of the water that conducts electricity and pure clean water does not. In fact, machines that run with open electricity are cooled down with pure water. 

I learned that when we are not pure, we conduct and invite God’s wrath and judgment. It is when we are pure that His wrath does not touch us. 

Til this day, I still don’t understand the reason why certain people was in that dream and why the girl was so anxious and needed MY help. Only God understands and the only thing I can do is pray. 

Around that time, God was revealing to me in other ways that He was going to pass judgment on a few people. It’s crazy how everything comes together after having these dreams. 

I was supposed to talk about this other dream I had about my current situation but I’ll do that in another post. Meanwhile, Here is a picture/clue of what I will post about next time on AuthKG.COMmmmmmmm! Stay tuned. 


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