Here we go 😬 #Vent

Where am I?

Who am I?

Where have I been?
I swear, this summer has been so eventful (good and bad) that I haven’t been in touch with myself for a while. I tell you, people think that the weapon of temptation is the best way to draw you further from God but man, the weapon of distraction has to be right along the top of that list if I must say. 

No I’m not going to give everyone a thrill of my miserable moments LOL! I don’t want to feed my haters with the illusion that my “bad events” labeled me as a failure. Nah ah! You should know me by now. I can find glory from a bucket full of manure. I’m God-wired, that’s how He got me. 

I have to admit that I’m so distracted that I can’t even listen to my inner thoughts. I can’t dig deep enough for something…good (can’t find a better word). 

Just because I’m distracted, doesn’t mean I can’t find inspiration elsewhere or in another way. We have to learn how to adjust our minds to our environment. We have to learn to mold ourselves to the inevitable. I have a lot going on and I can’t lose myself because of it. No way. Yes I may have lost that alone time to meditate and look within myself for things I can fix or adjust. No I’m not as inspired or as open as I was in May, but I am aware of this new phase in my life. I’m aware, I’ve adjusted and I have survived CHANGE in my life that could have destroyed me. 

There could have been mental destruction. There is still a chance that I may go cray and start flipping tables but I’ve made it too far. I am experienced in a whole lot of different nonsense-es (plural) that I can easily adjust to another nonsense that may come in the future. (Please Lord, don’t challenge that)

Again, my inspiration and ability to write and be all deep has nothing to do with my current abilities or circumstances. (Currently reminded myself of that and writing as I go) I could have made a blog entry many times, I just underestimated myself based on what I SHOULD be feeling from what I was going through. 

“I got into a car accident with my son and totaled my car, oh KG, you can’t blog today, you have too much on your mind to blog.”

I was dumb. I could have used that as ammunition to get a good blog going. (We’re all fine BTW.)

Simple: I underestimated myself! 

God has always told me how my talents are not provoked by my own works. It is He who has given me the talent ALREADY! Everyday my ability is there. Everyday the inspiration is present. Oh but the enemy is clever. He knows how to stop us from doing what we are already blessed to do. If we fail to do something that God has given us the desire to accomplish, it is because of our lack of faith within ourselves. 

That has been my struggle; placing an excuse over something that has full potential to move mountains by simply having faith. 

I wasn’t aware of it BEFORE but Praise God for the Holy Spirit who continuously convicts us to become awesome, nonstop Christians >>unstoppable and fully capable to accomplish our dreams, excel in our ministry and become more dedicated to our families.
Que El Señor te bendiga. 

^^^dont you hate that? 😉 hehe! 

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