It is impossible with many possibilities!

God loves the word impossible. He likes to manifest himself in the areas of our lives that we proclaim to be impossible. Sometimes, I notice God allowing our lives to flip upside down so that He can manifest in it.

I heard a sermon the other day and the preacher repeated these words over and over,

“God is never early.”

He focused on having the patience to wait on the Lord. There are things in our lives that we want NOW and it seems that God is always late to our prayers. Sometimes, we go ahead and make moves before the Lord gives us permission. Yes Lord, these things do happen more often than never but today I def have to say that God, You are super EARLY to my prayers.

Currently, to me, it seems impossible to maintain this blessing that we have received and have not yet prayed for. I can’t help to feel like, wow! This blessing has come way too soon. We are not mentally prepared, physically prepared, financially prepared or emotionally prepared for what He have given us.

I spoke to a good friend and she told me that this blessing is pure proof that God knows exactly what He is doing. This blessing is such a SHOCK to the bones and happened in such an inconvenient time that as followers of Christ, we have to see that God is up to something. We may think we are not prepared but God sees my family more than capable to sustain His blessing for us. I guess it is because we feel unprepared that God found us more than prepared to carry on this blessing. I’ve noticed that the more certain you feel about the next move you choose to make for your life, the less capable you are to follow through in the long run (spiritually speaking). I have felt so certain about a few plans I made for my future that did not end in my favor. There have been other turn of events that I felt unprepared for that ended up being the perfect thing for me and my family.

We don’t need the answers for everything, our job is to simply have faith in God with every curve ball life throws at us. The more impossible it seems, the more possible it turns out to be.

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