The divine standard of Holiness. Can we meet it alone? 

“Be Holy as I am Holy” it seems as if there is and will always be a gap between the Holiness of God and man. 

1 Peter 1:16
16 because it is written, “Be holy, for I am holy.”

🎉🎉🎉It’s Christ!!!

Heb 10:10  Jesus Christ did the things God wanted him to do. And because of that, we are made holy through the sacrifice of Christ’s body. Christ made that sacrifice one time—enough for all time.

“Holiness in Christ” fills that gap between God and man. In CHRIST! the Holiness of God has found US!
For those who believe in Christ and yet know not how to be Holy, here is the answer: You are Holy in Christ Jesus. 
I’m going to go ahead and discard my own thoughts and ignore my own wisdom when it comes to Holiness. In the end, God is the only one who can reveal what being Holy truly means. As per scripture, I only have one person to depend on to bring me to that divine standard: CHRIST JESUS! 👏🏽

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