How do you manage?

How do you manage the sequence of the lies eloquently spoken to show undeserved innocence? 

Day by day, tale after tale, are they recorded on paper? 

There is no way for the mind to puzzle pieces of a story if the pieces never connect. 

 Forgetfulness creates more lies. 

How do you manage your conscious knowing that one day the truth would reveal itself?

By a friend, family, you? 

It is difficult to play both sides, can’t convince yourself to forget so convince yourself that you’re corrupt.  

No turning back!

Face it, you’re saved. Lies backed you in a corner and the only way free is the truth. 

Deeper the lie, deeper the hole. The truth is the ladder so let it unfold. 

It’s better to be free and endure

Than to be prisoner for the rest of your life. 

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