Greater Than 

Is it ambition if the intention is to make another small?

Your eyes look lowly towards their path, their destination, especially their trail- 

To ultimately pile up your accomplishments under your feet to consider yourself 

much higher than?

Is it an achievement if the coal used to burn your fuel came from pride?

Can’t deny its powerful ignition. 

Sad, it burns up the legacy. 

The hard work, the endless nights, the early mornings, the sweat and tears to be

more productive than? 

It’s hard to be better than a competitor who isn’t aware. 

A competitor who sees the best in the least. 

A competitor who is fully satisfy and has no wants. 

A competitor who does not compete. 

How can one be satisfied winning this game? 

First place out of 1

All alone. 

I guess you are greater than no one. 

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