$24 Grace

I have $24 dollars of Grace per day

I spent 1 of those dollars on thoughts for tomorrow

I have $23 dollars of Grace to save

Or tomorrows Grace I’d have to borrow.


I spent $2 of Grace on thinking of bills I can’t pay

And $3 on looking into apartments for rent

I have $18 for the rest of the day

So I think my Grace isn’t really well spent.


The nurse called and my kid got the flu

I had to leave work early in a hurry

I spent $7 on Grace to get me through

And to think it’s only 12:30.


My husband gets home with some bad news

My anxiety is at peak and it’s 4:07

He got laid off and handed in his tools

I checked my wallet for grace and all i had was 11.


I didn’t want to get into it

I just wanted us to enjoy our meal

If we started talking, my account will dip

It was worry that I tried not to feel.


For every time I worry, my account goes low

Because there is only enough Grace for 1 day

See, tomorrow has enough problems of its own.

Yet I keep spending Grace the wrong way.


If I keep thinking and worrying of my future

My future that I cannot see

I waste today’s Grace a lot sooner,

then I run out of it before 3.


It’s not God’s design for us to be anxious

About what’s ahead or behind

We should live and love who’s around us

In the very moment we’re living our lives


$24 of Grace a day to spend on the day we’re in

I’m saying He’s given sufficiently when our eyes are always on Him


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