People Are Indeed Hurting

I wasnt even searching for this position but God guided me here. I am currently working at an outpatient mental health facility and day by day, I’m realizing that God put me here for a reason. I’m learning every day, every hour, maybe even every second something new:

  1. We cannot judge a person’s mental health status based on looks, hygiene, intelligence, clothes, career or financial status. Someone who has been suffering for years has learned how to hide it very well.
  2. Suicide has no preference. You just need to be a person with a brain.
  3. Everyone has some form of mental health issue. I could list each type but i’ll be here forever.
  4. You’re never too good to seek help. Doctors are trained to diagnose and treat whether it be by talk therapy or medication.

People are out there hurting. As Christians, we like to pick and choose who to help based on what society deems “helpless”. A “normal” person shows up to church for the first time and we immediately want to mold them into a “proper” Church member not realizing we’re doing more damage than healing.

We have this idea that in order for us to help someone with mental health issues, we need to be knowledgeable in all types of areas and hold multiple credentials and degrees. You don’t need a diploma to help someone find a local doctor that holds one. You don’t need credentials from your church council to be a friend – to keep tabs on your buddy by texting them “How are you doing today”. “Anything I could do to help?” “Need me to find you a local therapist?”

As I somewhat progress in this Christian thingy, I’m realizing that my heart is geared towards those who are hurting in secret. I’m learning more and more of my purpose and how its not at the church alter but its by loving and understanding one person at a time. I’m no longer trying to fit in to be used in a public way, I don’t need anyone’s acceptance to do the right thing for humanity. I’m def not going to hide who I am because it might not be pleasing to certain people. I can be snotty and have an attitude with a short circuit or like my sis said to me “you have a sneaky attitude”. I have zero tolerance for judgmental people so I call them out in the act. I know it’s rude but so is judging. I really really get irritated with church legalism and I call it out if someone is preaching false doctrine in front of me. Some might say I’m wrong or I should stay quiet. They could be right, but here is where I am imperfect: I’m not gunna keep my mouth shut.

This is Kenia, and welcome to my blog


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