Vision for One. Blind to millions

I’m kinda glad I deleted all my old blogs. I might be repeating myself on here but my ideas and inspiration was tunneled towards one group of people, one type of mentality, one church denomination, one ideation, one culture, one perspective -one- out of MILLIONS.

Working in behavioral health has shown me hundreds of perspectives that I would have otherwise never seen. The stories, the trauma, the struggles, the heartaches, the desperation, the addiction and the pain of family members who suffer alongside our patients. I started to remember my old writings and I couldn’t stand how ignorant I was. I wrote confidently on how much I knew God and how His sovereignty SHOULD look like based on MY experience. My experience! ONE perspective. Mine.

God doesn’t revolve around me.

I’ve seen some sermons on social media and read IG posts with sadness because sometimes, the spiritual advice cannot work for everyone. Ideas and “revelations” inspired by one’s own experiences are not the ultimate solutions to everyone’s struggles. Imagine telling a schizophrenic to listen to the voice of God when they hear many other voices on a regular day. Did your sacrifice to quit wearing makeup work for you? Did it bring you closer to God? I’m not saying it didn’t boost your spiritual life. I’m saying, Don’t force it on anyone else.

God is sovereign in His own way for each person specific to their needs that only He knows. If you’re not spirit led, your sermons have the potential to harm someone even tho you have the greatest of intentions.

Don’t stay blind to the many communities besides your own. There are people out there who don’t know that God loves them but your sermon on the details of a prophets chancleta praying on Mt. Whatever ain’t doin the trick. Open your heart to the genuine need of the people. Put yourselves in their shoes. Understand their decision making. Be compassionate to their bad choices. Empathize with their traumatic past. Show that you care for them and show them a sense of belonging. Don’t make people jump through fire hoops to make the cut. They can’t even meet their own expectation let alone yours.

Let alone God’s.

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