I saw an image of Mars today.
It was desolate.
No foot prints.
No structures.
No signs of civilization.
A whole planet with no life.
A BUNCH of planets with no life.
What a waste it is to have planets.
Lord, what was your purpose?

God: Just because there’s no “life”, doesn’t mean it’s a waste. Just because you see no humans, doesn’t mean there’s no purpose. Your mind is so limited to what your eyes can see and what your ears were told but once upon a time, YOU never existed.

Yet I knew you.

Yet I loved you.

And I formed you.

You may not know why these planets exist and the answer might not be found in this lifetime. But for right now, Mars exist to spark your curiosity and dispute with its Creator. Right now, Mars existe to turn your eyes towards Me. And IF that’s all I created it for, then it has completed its purpose.

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