Am I good enough?

Am I pretty enough?

Am I a good enough friend?

Am I a good enough human?

Anyone ever asked what is used to measure “enough”?. How does one determine when enough has been met. Has anyone ever sat down and said “I have had enough”? Unless, of course, the standard of “enough” is measured by one’s self. See, I know when I drank enough water. I know when I have eaten enough food. I know when I’ve had enough of disrespect.

But I cant measure what ‘enough’ is to you. It’s like chasing the wind. It’s like gathering all the water in the ocean into my arms. Its like mowing the lawn with scissors.

It only makes sense to measure enough with my own standards even if its regarding you.

And then I laugh at myself because I’m so empathetic that I’m very cautious on how I make other people feel and I’m back again at measuring “enough” by chasing the wind.

I guess I found another vicious cycle for the books. Just like the round behind earth we live in.

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It’s just whatever at this point

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