Love Thy Neighbor

Love my neighbor as I love myself.

I won’t let myself starve.

I won’t let myself go naked.

I won’t leave myself stranded.

I won’t leave myself in anguish or despair.

I Pretty much won’t allow myself to die from hunger or expose myself to danger

My love for myself isn’t perfect.

I am hard on myself.

Less forgiving towards my misdeeds.

I’m impatient with me.

I’m mean and demanding towards my spirit.

My self talk is almost abusive.

I tell myself there is no excuse for slacking and punish myself when I’m disobedient to my own high demands.

So is it really safe for my neighbor if I treat them as I treat myself?

God: I remember when I knit every strand of your personality together. I was overjoyed to see it come to life. When I blew into your lungs and saw your eyes open for the first time, I knew what I made was perfect. I know the enemy wanted to destroy what I worked so hard to create so he made it his mission to slam open every single door you leave cracked open. His goal is to stir darkness into you – my beautiful vessel. But even if it may seem as though he has succeeded, I am powerful enough to turn whatever he has done into something beautiful. No, your love for yourself is not perfect. But My love for humanity is.

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