Apple of His Eye

You ever notice how your eyes blink when something gets near it? I mean, try it yourself. Poke yourself in the eye. Immediately, your eyes blink to protect you from irreversible damage.

Of course, I want to test this human feature out and see if I can keep my eyes open and prove that blinking is not involuntary at all.

We all know the truth. Blinking is something your body does with or without your consent.

Yesterday, I was reminded that I am the very sensitive part of God’s eye. The part that if anything goes near it, the human body goes into defense mode.

God goes into defense mode.

When I think of God, and I think of being the apple of His eye, I imagine his defense over my life is also an act that He chooses to do, with or without my consent.

Whether I am good or whether I am bad

He defends me because of who He is. and just like us, I don’t think He could help but come to our rescue when we are hurt.

And lets just say that we do get hurt, and all seems lost. He has already conquered death and our lives are secured in heaven.

But even the idea that pain on earth is inevitable, Im still left unsettled. Maybe even anxious.

Its good to know that this short life cannot compare to eternity and in the end, He protected us from eternal danger since the beginning of time.

I love being the apple of His eye.

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