The funky thing about bitterness is that its burns when someone says you’re bitter. Almost like the word bitterness is the new B word.

Id rather someone call me a B than to call me bitter.

The B word is an emotionally driven word based on no hard facts. You don’t need access to my heart or learn my secrets to label me as one. So it doesn’t matter to me. It doesn’t hurt me.

But…when someone calls me bitter, the walls I built to protect my vulnerability is compromised and the mask I wear to hide my weakness is ripped off.

It only brings me to assume that you’ve analyzed my words and emotions. You broke into my home and ransacked my nightstand, found my diaries and exposed my secrets. You discovered the hidden things about me that I didn’t consent to.

Why would you take your time to study me? What are you trying to figure out?

A good person would try to heal the bitterness in a friend.

But a bitter person looks around targeting people who are just like themselves.

Published by authkg

It’s just whatever at this point

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