I Know you

The world is a simulation. It has to be.
I am simply a thoughtfully created character of Your world.
You chose my facial features piece by piece from an array of different options.
Like a video game.
You picked different personality traits based on Your designed purpose for me.
My life is not a result of my own choices, rather, it all has been predestined before time.
Am I really free? Free to think, choose and feel?
Is it free will? Or is it, well, Your will?

I love your character.
The character I chose in order to create your full being.
Yes I created you, but I love how you are, well… you.
I love how you maneuver the personality traits I chose for you.
I love how my creation chooses to express life.
Yes my will is done on earth and yes my will is done in you.
And yes you are free to think, choose and feel.
Yes I know what you will eat for dinner tonight, and that you’ll wear a blue shirt to bed.
I don’t know this because I ORDAINED it to be that way.
I know this because I know YOU.
I know you’ll change your mind and eat that left over pizza instead of that salad you made yesterday.
You didn’t eat breakfast this morning.
You’re hungry.
I know that you just washed your favorite blue shirt and therefore you’ll choose it amongst all your other shirts.
I know what you will do before you do it because,

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One thought on “I Know you

  1. Reblogged this on Some View on the World and commented:
    As human beings, we are bounded to the planet where we live. Over here, we love to create our own special world and sometimes let ourselves be carried away in our dreamworld.

    The world should know the Divine Creator did not plan the world to be like it is at the moment. He still has His Plan, which in the end shall become a reality for all that love the Elohim Hashem Jehovah God
    It is That divine Creator who looks down at us and knows us very well.


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