Powerful Prisoner

Don’t try to be like me.
Instead, use my mistakes.
I cant show you my defeat.
My pedestal might break.

It might seem like I won this battle.
The one that gives status and might.
I’m just a prisoner of war.
Their hands holding a knife.

If I try to bend,
Their hands grip tighter
If I try to break
They’ll swing the knife higher.

Don’t try to be like me.
Instead, use my mistakes.
I’m not allowed to fold.
I’m not allowed to flake.

What is my mistake you ask?
The one mistake I was allowed to have?
It was to climb a ladder called status.
I pushed to climb it the fastest.

It was the right thing to do, right?
To become someone with power and flight.
Now the people below hold me captive.
This shouldn’t even happen.

Don’t try to be like me.
Just use my so-called victory.
Can’t break, can’t cry, can’t weep.
Can’t fold, can’t sigh, can’t sleep.

Look up, head high, don’t talk.
Look strong, look bold, eyes locked.
I’m important now, how I once wished.
I’m the perfection thats forced to exist.

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It’s just whatever at this point

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