Concentrated Writing

I don’t write like I used to. I don’t write every little revelation that I experience anymore. I have decided to let my writing be a concentration of multiple experiences. I don’t want to give too much access to my heart these days. I don’t want it to be a mystery either. I just want things to naturally flow in its own direction. You know?

I cant help to think about concentrated fruits assuming that concentration is the process of removing most of the water from a particular food. Like prunes, raisins, dried mangos from Aldi, etc. Anyway, the taste of the fruit is bigger, better and brighter.

I want my writing to be minimal but bigger, better and brighter.

I have been giving myself more time to absorb my experiences and meditate in the lessons I learn vs. running to WordPress like “OMG look what I just went through.” I used to do that often and realized later that there was more to receive from the experience but I jumped too quickly to the blog vs. letting it simmer.

If you let some chicken simmer, the water evaporates and the chicken absorbs the tasty seasonings.

I want my writing to be like chicken stew.

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