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Religion forces you to be someone you’re not. It keeps us from being honest in our prayer. It makes us change who we are to be accepted and forces us to feel uncomfortable in who we really are.

Religion tempts us to mimic the preacher on YouTube to sound important. Religion pushes away good friendships for the sake of being “sanctified”. It smooshes people into 1 mold to fit into the group. No one is different. No personalities to be found. Character is non-existent.

Opinions are not allowed. Questions are forbidden. Sounds kinda cultish don’t it?

With all these things intact. How does one talk to God in spirit and in truth. There’s no truth to be found anymore. God created us all so differently and intentionally colorful. Yet, religion steps in and strips all the color away, tells us we are no good and paints us grey. No wonder we’re miserable.

If at any moment, you’re being told to:

Dress this way

Act this way

Think this way

Feel this way

Be this way.

its lies they tell

We all get the point that this world is cursed to sin. If you believe in Jesus, He has shielded us from the consequences. Its done. Sin is gunna happen and Jesus is gunna cover it. Where there is great sin, Grace is even greater. Let’s argue.


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